RoTechBooster qualified as turbo compressor first fit

Switch to new boosters improved customer satisfaction and reduced service efforts


The piston booster that an American compressor manufacturer had selected and qualified to include in its compressor package proved unreliable for supporting customer’s needs. These seal gas boosters led to maintenance issues with both the boosters and the dry gas seals. To deliver on their reliability claims, the OEM decided to include new, state-of-the-art technology in its offering.



Strict qualification process must be passed before being accepted as new state-of-the-art-solution.



Consulting and engineering for extensive factory qualification tests with our RoTechBoosters technology.

The piston booster that an American compressor manufacturer had selected and qualified to include in its compressor package proved unreliable for supporting customer’s needs. These seal gas boosters led to maintenance issues with both the boosters and the dry gas seals. To deliver on their reliability claims, the OEM decided to include new, state-of-the-art technology in its offering.

This compressor manufacturer has delivered over 6,500 compressors to the oil and gas industry. With their unequalled high efficiency, reliability, and availability, this OEM’s compressor products easily deliver their customers a quick return on investment. Many gas transmission applications benefit from their standardized and proven approach. Through stringent component testing, an extensive qualification process and maximum compressor package design test capabilities at their factory, they consistently deliver products to effectively meet their customer’s needs and expectations. 

Customer orientation and high-quality awareness

Users are a key driving force for selecting what technology is qualified. As piston boosters were the first seal gas booster used for seal gas systems, it is what this compressor OEM elected and qualified to use for supporting their seal gas requirements. The piston booster was not a reliable unit and customers were challenged with it operating when required, but there were no other real options. 

Even though a rotating booster was introduced into the market in 2011, due to infancy of the technology and no demand from end users, the rotating booster was not high on the priority for being qualified. As more users became aware a rotating booster was available, the end user demand drove the need for the OEM to make it a higher priority. Due to EagleBurgmann’s RoTechBooster presence in the industry and users experience with it, this was the obvious choice.

Extensive factory qualification tests

Following their procedures, the product was placed through stringent testing at the factory to understand the RoTechBooster operation. Working closely with EagleBurgmann engineers the appropriate RoTechBooster models for these applications were selected and engineering completed for integrating it into their seal gas system.


Compelling performance

After this, RoTechBoosters were installed at test sites for verifying real-life operating conditions. The units worked without issues, eliminating the high volume compressed air demand required for a piston booster and operating reliable every time when demanded.

Successful offering

Once qualified, the next challenge was the higher cost for a RoTechBooster. The OEM still offered the customers a piston booster option. It quickly became evident the customers preferred the RoTechBooster and due to piston booster unreliable operation this was removed as a possible seal gas booster option.

The RoTechBooster was qualified by this OEM in mid-2016. In this year nine units were purchased. Since then, this OEM is now replacing numerous piston booster with the RoTechBooster and including them on most new installations. They have purchased over 300 units to support their customer’s needs.

The RoTechBooster ensures abundant, reliable, and consistent seal gas flow, through fluctuating operating conditions; thus, clean and dry gas is supplied to the gas seal in every situation.

  • Simple to set-up, easy to operate
  • High reliability and availability
  • Unlimited continuous operation
  • Avoid seal failures
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Eliminates the concern of unreliable external seal gas source



Since the RoTechBooster qualification, the OEM has continued to increase sales. Now this OEM only offers the RoTechBooster as an option for a seal gas booster on their compressor packages.

With the many installations, their service reps see much fewer seal failures, which allows them to focus on normal maintenance schedules rather than dealing with emergency seal failures or issue related to the previous seal gas boosters installed. This is a win-win situation for all involved.

This compressor OEM has relied on EagleBurgmann’s excellence, which helped them reinforce their position as the industry leader.

Solution: RoTechBooster for OEM

RoTechBooster qualified as turbo compressor first fit. Switch to new booster improved customer satisfaction and reduced service efforts.

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